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What is Hackfest Soldering Village ?

The soldering village is an activity where HackFest participants will be able to compete for various soldering challenges, provided free of charge by the village organization. The village will be equipped with several soldering stations and with all the tools and consumables required to accomplish the proposed challenges. The village is meant to be collaborative, you can experiment on your own, but people with advanced skills are strongly encouraged to help beginners.

The following activities are offered by the soldering village

The soldering village will offer 4 levels of challenges for free:

  • Level 1 (introduction): 12 THC component to solder (takes 10 to 15 minutes)
  • Level 2 (intermediate): TBA, waiting for confirmation.
  • mLevel 3 (expert): 20 SMD component to solder, 12 SMD micro-solder (takes 45 min to 1h)
  • Level 4 (master): 48 SMD component to solder, 40 SMD micro-solder (takes 1h to 1h15)

Participating attendees who wish to compete can be timed to establish the « best soldering time billboard ». Participants must complete challenges in order of difficulty to avoid wasting kits.


In addition to the equipment that will be provided to participants to accomplish the soldering challenges, the village will offer two sessions (workshop) titled « introduction to soldering ». During these times, the soldering equipment and seating will be reserved for people who want to become familiar with soldering in a step-by-step session. These sessions will take place in the village itself. No registration required, seating is limited, first come, first served. Schedule to be announced.


In order to import the #BadgeLife and #SAO (Shity Add-Ons) culture in Québec, which is gaining in popularity at major’s American conventions, the soldering village will reserve a secure location, in the form of a display, so those who wish can display their arsenal of rare electronic badge. Bring us your rarest badges, they will be numbered and displayed for the public’s view. You can reclaim your badge, after the event on Sunday morning between 09:00 and 12:00.

It is not necessary, but not forbidden, to bring your own equipment and / or external projects on which you wish to work.


It is forbidden to bring any liquid (including water bottles) and food to the tables where the soldering equipment is located.